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Open Educational Resources: History 103

A How-to Guide for Faculty

Converting History 103

Review materials

  • History 103 History since 1500 has one required textbook, Worlds Together, Worlds Apart by Pollard, Rosenberg, and Tignor.
  • Use the OER Commons website as a starting point to find comparable material.
  • Search by subject (history) and keyword (world history).

             OER Commons search bar, searching by keyword (world history) and subject (history)

  • By adding more filters, you can narrow down the search.

            OER Commons filter bar. Using Filters Subject Area (World History) and Material type (Textbook).

Converting History 103, pt. 2


                      Creative Commons Licenses page, information on the opening page.


Converting History 103, pt. 3


  • Use these texts in your course instead of the current required text.
  • The textbooks can be viewed online or downloaded to a PDF format.
  • This saves each student approximately $87.50.