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*Nursing Guides: LexiComp

Nursing guides

About LexiComp
Type of Access Type of Device Where to Use Limits Tips
Online Database Desktop, Laptop Research settings Subscription expires 7/1/2023 This can be used on mobile devices, but it is not recommended because the desktop version is not optimized for mobile devices
Mobile App Mobile device (e.g., phone, tablet) Clinical settings 560 User limit designed to match our student need When setting up the mobile app you'll be prompted to create an account. Use your Simmons email address for your LexiComp account. Make sure you entered the identical Simmons email when signing-in.
Try using the WiFi hot-spot instead of a cellular connection. This will improve your internet speed.
Need help?
  • LexiComp Desktop Version Log-In
  • LexiComp Account Page
  • Only Nursing graduate students have access to the LexiComp online database and app
  • Username and password is distributed from your Nursing academic advisor
  • Check your email for access link/code to the mobile app

How to Access LexiComp
Desktop Access - 1:02
Quick Note About UpToDate - 2:10
The App - 3:19

Desktop Log-in View

lexicomp login page

App Installation at a Glance

Accessing the app is different from the desktop version.
The app requires creating an account and setting up a password - which is different from the username/password for the desktop version.

Part 1 - Create LexiComp Account

  1. Go to the account set-up page. Use the link sent from Advising
  2. Follow the steps in the form. Use the Authorization Code
  3. You'll be led to to create an account. Use your Simmons email
  4. Once your account is created check your Simmons email for a Pin to verify your new account

Part 2 - Get the App

  1. Install app from the app store
  2. Log-in with your new account information

lexicomp app installation