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Finding Reviews: Books, Films, Concerts, & Exhibitions: Film Reviews

Use this guide to find reviews of books, films, concerts, exhibitions, and more.

Online Film Reviews from the Library

Use these library databases to find film reviews from a wide variety of publications, including scholarly journals, popular magazines and newspapers.

Film Reviews on the Web

Below is a selection of high-quality web resources that feature film reviews in both longer and shorter formats.  For critical and review essays, take a look at sources like the New York Review of Books.  For shorter reviews, see sources like Roger Ebert's Reviews for retrospective titles and Village Voice Movie Reviews for more recent releases.

Share Your Favorite Films

Share movie reviews and ratings with your friends on Flixster, the largest online movie community.

Film Reviews in Print

Do you have a favorite film critic?  Following is a selection of books that include reviews written by well-known critics and filmmakers.  To find out if the library has an anthology of reviews by your favorite critic, search the library catalog and use the dropdown arrow to select author.