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Digital Storytelling: Digital Stories

Resources to help create compelling digital stories.



When you write a paper, you start with an outline. When you create a media project, you start with a storyboard.


- allow you to gather your ideas before you begin working with video or audio content.

- encourage you to think about all elements of your digital story: visual, textual, audible.

- allow you to quickly sketch and try out different ideas

- help ID resources needed to complete the project and whether you can find them or need to create them yourself.

- generate questions which can help you decide whether your scope is achievable or not.

- are works in progress. They’ll change as you work on your project

- quick reference: Did you address all assignment elements, such as length and content.

* If you’re writing a full script out first, it shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages or reading it will make your story longer than the 2-3m time frame.

Simmons Student Driven Media Center

The Student Driven Media Center and Ifill Podcasting Suites are available for student use with appropriate training. All students must be trained before using these spaces. Training and use-time can be scheduled with the linked booking calendars. Questions can be directed to

Aldent Trust Video Studio

Ifill College Podcast Rooms