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Research Data Management: Writing a DMP


There is no one-size-fits-all template for a data management plan. DMPs differ by funding agency and institution. However, most DMP requirements include the following subjects:

  • data description and formats
  • data storage and security
  • data preservation
  • data sharing, including any legal and ethical constraints
  • responsibilities and resources

On the page "Questions to consider," you will find guiding questions one should consider when writing a DMP. The guidelines here are broadly applicable. If you are writing a DMP for a specific funding agency, you should always consult their requirements, first and foremost. Specific funding agencies will also differ in their definitions of what constitutes research data. Keep this in mind when composing your DMP.

Thanks to the Digital Curation Centre, as well as Managing and Sharing Research Data by Corti, et al.

How to write a DMP: University of Wisconsin Data Services

I would like advice.

If you are composing a DMP as a requirement for a grant, the Office of Sponsored Programs can help. Valerie Beaudrault, Grant & Contract Administrator & Human Protections Administrator (, is available to ensure compliance with grant requirements.


If you are composing a DMP without requirements from a funding agency, Beatley Library’s Research & Instruction Librarians are here to help. Schedule a meeting with a librarian.


The Data Observation Network for Earth has created several example DMPs.