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Citation Managers: Mendeley

A guide to some popular citation managers for collecting, organizing, and citing references

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a desktop and web-based software that allows you to collect, manage, and cite the references and sources for your research. You can also import and annotate PDFs as well as generate bibliographies with the word processor plug-ins.

The Basics

Go to and click on Create a Free Account. You'll then be prompted to download the software.



 Once you have set up an account you can simply sign in to use Mendeley web, where you can access your "Library" of references.

You can quickly ‘grab’ a reference you’re looking at online in a couple of clicks by adding the Mendeley Web Importer extension to your browser. Simply click on the Install Web Importer link from your Mendeley homepage, or at the bottom of any page within Mendeley, and follow the on screen instructions. Once installed, a small icon will appear in your Favorites bar or next to your address bar in your browser.




When you have found a reference online that you want to add it to your Library, just click on the icon and then click "Save" in the pop-up window. Note: Mendeley may not recognize some sites/resources, in which case you can add an item manually.













To manually add an item, go to your Library, click the blue "Add" button and select "Add Entry Manually..."












You can use Mendeley to insert reference citations into a Word document and to generate a bibliography at the end of your document, all of which you can format in the citation style of your choice. When you install Mendeley Desktop on your computer a Mendeley "Cite-O-Matic" toolbar appears within the References tab in Word. With this toolbar, you can insert citations from your Mendeley Library as you write.









When you are ready to create a bibliography, simply place your cursor at the end of your Word document or open a new document, and click the "Insert Bibliography" button on the Cite-O-Matic toolbar.



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