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Navigating Simmons Guide: In Your Studies

A guide of resources to support students during their Simmons journey

In Your Studies

Think about your learning needs and preferences such as accommodations or assistive technology. Manage your time and use learning strategies. Ask for help from key people and places.

Know Yourself

Think about your learning needs and background. Consider the conditions that optimize your progress. Talk to people who can help personalize your plans.

Do Research

Use the library for assignment resources. Check the library's course reserves for assigned readings. Meet with a librarian for research help. Read for you pleasure as well as for your plans.

Get Help

Reach out when you struggle. Contact the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, the Library, or others. Know that we care about you and your progress.

Be Good To Yourself

Practice self-care because college can be stressful. Connect with other students. Communicate with your professors. Keep yourself healthy. Remember to reach out when you need.