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Zines!: Making Zines

ACT UP for Social Justice.


Zines are...

Self-published, usually in small batches. Anyone can make one.

Distributed by their makers (either independently or through zine distributors) by hand, at zine fests, and by mail.

Labors of love -- made for self-expression, not for profit.

A medium for expressing ideas & telling stories that aren't represented in the mainstream print (or other) media that handle themes such as gender, identity, community, and resistance.

A continuation of the participatory media created in First Wave Feminisim scrapbooks and health pamplets and Second Wave Feminism mimeographs.

Listen to Kathleen Hannah, from Bikini Kill, read from her zine below:


For zine supplies, visit the Circulation desk! With your Simmons ID, you can check out the following kits:

Zine Kits (includes magazines, scissors, glue sticks, sharpies, markers, and stickers)

Bead Kit 

Button-Making Kit (borrow our 1-inch button maker and make your own buttons!!)

Hot Glue Gun Kits

Painting Kit

Sketching Kit

Typography Kit

Wand-making Kit (Want to make a wand like Hermoine??)

**There is also washi tape and typewriters that you can borrow as well. Just ask!