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Social Work Research: Literature Reviews

This guide is tailored to help students taking the foundation research class at the School of Social Work.

Using A Literature Review

A literature review is a very practical part of the research process.  It's how you build on other research in the field - identify best practices and tools and learn what doesn't work.  The resources on the page are here to help you structure you literature review so it's as useful as possible.  

Also take a look at any literature reviews you find as you search for articles - in addition to content and further references they'll also provide helpful structural hints. 

Conducting a Literature Review & Other Research Methods

What is a Literature Review?

"Literature reviews are systematic syntheses of previous work around a particular topic. Nearly all scholars have written literature reviews at some point; such reviews are common requirements for class projects or as part of theses, are often the first section of empirical papers, and are sometimes written to summarize a field of study. Given the increasing amount of literature in many fields, reviews are critical in synthesizing scientific knowledge."

- Encyclopedia of Research Design

Thinking About A Literature Review

Structuring a literature review diagram, outlining taking each article and breaking it down by its main concepts

Literature Reviews: An Overview

Additional How-To Guides