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Simmons Community Read: What The Eyes Don't See: Similar Stories

A guide for the Fall 2020 Simmons Community Read
simmons community read: what the eyes don't see

Stories about Similar Environmental Justice/Public Health Concerns

Stories about Similar Environmental Justice/Public Health Concerns

PBB Crisis: In the 1970's Michigan dairy cattle were accidently poisoned with toxic flame retardant. Their products were consumed by millions of Michigan residents. 

Woburn Water Contamination: 10 miles from the Fenway, Woburn, MA was the center of a water contamination disaster in the 1960's and 70's, caused by industrial waste.

Superfund Sites: Places where industrial chemicals have been known to have contaminated the water and soil, and cleanup is needed. For many sites, cleanup is expensive and nearby residents live with unknown exposures every day. 

Lead in the water in MA schools

Find out About Your Water

Movies & Other Media

PBB Crisis (Michigan)

Woburn Water Contamination (10 miles north of Simmons)