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Inequities in Boston

A guide for instructors to use as part of their curricula, about inequities that are always present in the Boston area, but have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is Saviorism?

Saviorism is providing help to someone in a self-serving manner. White saviorism is a person going into a community of color and upholding a paradigm of whiteness--assuming they are a solution to the community's problems. At Simmons, many volunteer and internship experiences happen in surrounding areas, many of which contain communities of color.
As students you may not necessarily have the context and critical lens through which to properly situate your experiences in terms of social justice. As faculty, you have a responsibility to provide this context so that no harm is done to communities of color. This page is intended to inform students and faculty in service learning programs about the real harm that communities of color can face when students intern or volunteer there without preparation. 
Podcast That's Not How That Works discusses white saviorism in this episode (starts around minute 15).

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