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LIS 407 Reference Services: Set Three

Reference Question Sets


Use print sources only to answer the following reference questions.  All the questions can be answered by sources in the Beatley Library Reference Collections.  Your responses must include the answer, the source title, and page number(s).


1.  How many people are employed by J. Crew Group?

2.  Can you find me a list of pointers on what to do and not do when negotiating in Japan?

3.  What does “hair of the dog that bit you” mean?

4.  To what ethnic groups do people in Djibouti belong?

5.   What is the full name of the organization abbreviated as PADDLERS?

6.   What is the highest recorded temperature on record within the state of Alaska?

7.   Define “third-wave feminism”.

8.   What 3 post-secondary schools did President Barack Obama attend and what degrees were conferred?

9.   What letter fetched the highest price ever paid for a single signed letter? What was the selling price?

10.  What year was the Somerville Journal started? Who is the current editor? And what is its circulation?

11.  Briefly describe at least 3 elements of the 20th century Freemason admission ritual.