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LIS 407 Reference Services: Set One: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Reference Question Sets


 Dictionary and Encyclopedia Reference Question Assignment




All questions are answerable using the “Source List of Selected Reference Titles” which has been given to you. All sources are available in the Beatley Library Reference Collection.




For this assignment, use only the print sources listed on the Source List.




Working in pairs you are to answer all questions on the list; searching skills are developed through practice. You will be asked to answer the questions and to give the source you used to find the answer by title, then volume if applicable, and page number(s).





Source List

Source List of Selected Reference Titles in the Beatley Library: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias



Anchor Bible Dictionary
Beatley Ref. BS440 .A54 1992


Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
Beatley Ref. ML105 .B16 2001


Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia
Beatley Ref. PN41. B4 1996


Black's Law Dictionary
Beatley Ref. KF156 .B53 1990


Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Beatley Ref. PN43 .B75 1999


Dictionary of American Biography
Beatley Ref. E176 .D56


Dictionary of American English on Historical Principles
Beatley Ref. PE2835 .C72


Dictionary of American History
Beatley Ref. E174 .D52 2003


Dictionary of American Regional English
Beatley Ref. PE2843 .D52 1985


Dictionary of Modern English Usage
Beatley Ref. PE1628 .F65 1991


Encyclopaedia Judaica
Beatley Ref. DS102.8 .E49


Encyclopedia of Bioethics
Beatley Ref. QH332 .E56 2004


Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences

Beatley  Ref. Z1006 .E57 2010


Encyclopedia of Religion
Beatley Ref. BL31 .E46 2005


Eponyms Dictionaries Index
Beatley Ref. PE1596 .E64 1977


Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups
Beatley Ref. E184.A1 H35


International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Science
Beatley Ref. H41 .I58 2001


McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
Beatley Ref.  Q123 .M15 2003


McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Beatley Ref. Q121.M3 2007


New Dictionary of American Slang
Beatley Ref. PE3729.U5 W4 1986


New Encyclopaedia Britannica
Beatley Ref. AE5 .E363 2007


New Grove Dictionary of American Music
Beatley Ref. ML101.U6 N48 2001


New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Beatley Ref. ML100 .N48


New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
Beatley Ref. ML102.15 .N48 1991


New Harvard Dictionary of Music
Beatley Ref. ML100 .A64 1986


New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics

Beatley Ref. HB61 .N49 2008


New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
Beatley Ref. PN1021 .N39 1993


Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Beatley Ref. PE1625 .O87 1989


Standard  Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend
Beatley Ref. GR35 .F82 1984


Webster’s New Dictionary of Synonyms

Beatley Ref.  PE 1591 .W4 1968


Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language
Beatley Ref. PE1625 .W36 1986



Created by L. Allen Smith, revised by Linda Watkins




Reference Questions for LIS 407 


1.  According to a survey conducted by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, by 1975 how many US prisoners were the first humans on whom the safety of new drugs was tested?

2.  From what 19th century contest does the term “cake walk” originate? 

3.  According to Alexander H. Krappe, which English antiquarian coined the term folklore in 1846?

4.  What song did Charles Aznavour write for Edith Piaf?.    

5.  Can you find a 3 or 4 sentence summary of the novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert?  Give the first sentence.    

6.  What did the father of John Harvard, for whom Harvard College is named, do for a living? What did John Do?   

7.  List 3 words beginning with the letter S that are similar to the meaning of lurk. 

8.  Can you find a 1670 entry on the word librarian? What was the Librarian’s job in that year?