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East Asian Studies: Start Your Research

Resources for studying East Asian languages, cultures and histories.

Articles, Books & Other Sources

One of the best ways to discover the perfect source for your topic is to browse the library stacks by call number range. Each call number range represents a particular subject and all of the books on a particular topic will be located in the same general area on the shelves. 


LC Call Number


 PL 1-8844

 Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa Oceania

 PL 400-431

 Mongolian languages

 PL (490)-495

 Far Eastern languages and literature

 PL 501-889

 Japanese language and literature

 PL 901-998

 Korean language and literature

 PL 1001-3208

 Chinese language and literature

 PL 3301-3311

 Non-Chinese languages of China

Country Information

Japanese Poem for Pronunciation

"Original text is the poem written by Hakushu Kitahara 北原白秋(1885-1942). The title of the poem is 五十音 / go.ju.-(u).o.nn /. Hakushu said that he wanted to give the children this poem, in order to make them naturally learn to pronounce and make them understand the essence of the Japanese sounds of each series of Japanese syllabary-五十音, by singing this poem."