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Emotionally-Laden Classroom Experiences Across Curricula: Pedagogical Practices

The Simmons University Center for Excellence in Teaching's Guide to Facilitating Emotionally-Laden Classroom Experiences Across Curricula: Resources for Teaching

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Brower, M. &  Benenson, J. (2015). Practicing Democracy in the Classroom: Equalizing Opportunities to Engage in Public Policies and Issues. Association of American Colleges and Universities. 

Facing History and Ourselves. (2017). Teaching Strategies

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Regents of the University of Michigan. (2016). Teaching in the Current Political Climate. Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. 

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Warren, L. (2017). Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom. Derek Bok Center: Harvard University. 

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Start Talking: A Handbook for Engaging Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education

Kay Landis (Editor)

University of Alaska Anchorage Press; 2015

(Also available online)



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