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Emotionally-Laden Classroom Experiences Across Curricula: Discussing Politics & Religion

The Simmons University Center for Excellence in Teaching's Guide to Facilitating Emotionally-Laden Classroom Experiences Across Curricula: Resources for Teaching

Articles and Online Resources

Interfaith Youth Core. (2017) Frameworks for Interfaith Conversations.

Mascareñaz, L. (2017). Pages authorized by Lauryn Mascareñaz. Teaching with Tolerance: Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Includes essays such as “What Do I Say to Students About Immigration Orders?” and  “Teaching MLK with the Social Justice Standards.”

Ruark, Jennifer. (2017). Campuses are the Places for Difficult Conversations about Faith. Chronicle of Higher Education

Thomas, N. L. (2015) The Politics of Learning for Democracy. Association of American Colleges and Universities.  

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How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus: From Polarization to Moral Conversation

Robert J. Nash  (Author), DeMethra LaSha Bradley (Author), Arthur W. Chickering (Author)

Jossey-Bass; 2008




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