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Instruments, Tests & Measures: Construction

Use this guide to find published and unpublished tests and measures.

Test Standards & Policies

Designing Tests & Meaures

Finding out about a Test's Reliability & Validity

When you select a test for your research papers, you will often need to provide some information on a test's reliability and validity as an effective screening tool. 


There are a few ways to find out about a test's validity and reliability: 

  • Many of the books that have tests & measures will include brief sections on the reliability/validity of the tests that they describe.
  • In addition, you can also search for journal articles that discuss and describe tests in order to assess your chosen test's reliability & validity.

  • ETS Test Link indexes and annotates over 25,000 tests and measures.Other information includes publication date, author, publisher, availability contact information, and acronyms.

Searching the Library Catalog

To find more books on how to develop tests, surveys or questionnaires, try using some of these keywords:

test construction OR design
social research AND test* AND methodology
psychological test* AND methodology

Helpful books for constructing a test