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LIS 621: Conducting Research: Methods and Design: Recent Literature Review Examples

Example One: The Query

Literature review topic:  how public library directors get buy-in from stakeholders to implement change

Example One: The Search

 director* or leader* or manager* ti/ab
and buyin or buy-in or buy in or consensus or shared vision ti/ab
and public librar* ti/ab
and survey or study ab


Example One: Sample Results

Randall, Linda M.
Academy of Educational Leadership Journal 16. 2 (2012): 1-20.

Abstract (summary)

This study focuses on the change initiative of one upper-division university to become a four-year institution. In order for the change to be effective, the institution needed to gain the buy-in of staff and faculty, provide a mechanism to manage potential resistance and conflict, and encourage the faculty and staff to become proactive leaders in the transformation. Heifitz's adaptive leadership model was applied to this institutional change process, which is described as a six-step process. These six steps are: 1) Identification of the challenge, 2) Recognition that change is difficult, 3) Framing the issues to the stakeholders, 4) Secure stakeholder ownership in the initiative, 5) Manage the conflict and 6) Creating safe haven so all opinions can be expressed. A case study, which follows the efforts of two critical committees through this six-step process, is presented as a way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the adaptive leadership model. As the case in the study demonstrates, the leadership focused intensely on process, working with resistance, and creating a sustainable, and continuously transforming institution. Subsequently, after nearly 30 years as an upper division and graduate university, the institution successfully transitioned to a four-year university. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]


Example Two: The Query

Literature Review:  the retention of librarians of ethnically/racially diverse groups

Example Two: The Search

ethnic* or minorit* or asian* or color or race ti
or racial or black* or hispanic or african american* or native american* ti
or divers* or underrepresented or latin* or multicultural or alana ti
or african descent or under represented ti
and study or survey ab
and retain or retention ab


Example Two: Sample Results