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Archives and Primary Sources: The Simmons College Archives

A guide to to using primary sources within the Simmons College Archives and on the Web.

The Simmons College Archives

The Simmons College Archives collects and makes available materials that document and reflect the history and development of Simmons College.  The Simmons College Archives was established in 1974 and, in 1980, dedicated to the memory of Colonel Miriam E. Perry Goll ('30).  The Archives welcomes Simmons students, faculty, alumnae, and administrators, as well as other interested researchers.

The College Archives collects official college administrative and committee records, publications, photographs, audio-visual materials, memorabilia, student theses and dissertations, and manuscript collections of alumnae/i and current and former members of the faculty and administration . The College Archives also maintains a historical book collection and a collection of the records of charitable organizations.  More information on all these materials can be found on the College Archives' Web site.

The College Archives also invites users to learn about the history of Simmons College through visiting the on-line exhibits of the College's presidents, traditions, student life, buildings, and more.

Primary Sources in the Simmons College Archives

In addition to the links below, the archives also has many materials onsite for resarch and use. These include many administrative records of the college, including the Office of the President records, Board of Trustees, Offices of the Provost, Deans, Academic Departments, Faculty Council, Office of Student Activities, College and student publications, College events, athletics, and the Alumnae Association. The Simmons College Archives can be reached by e-mail at:

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