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Activism 101: YOU, THE ACTIVIST

The Activist's Toolkit



Film the Police! & Know Your Rights!: a pocket zine

Having active witnesses with video documentation can prevent a bad situation from potentially being a whole lot worse (either on the street or in the courtroom). It also really helps to either know their laws (your “rights”) or have someone who knows them have your back. Groups like Copwatch and Copblock are organized just for that. Copwatch is a movement of individuals or groups that observe and document police activity to prevent police misconduct and police brutality


Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests

Standing up for your right to protest can be challenging, especially when demonstrations are met with violence. But knowing your rights is the most powerful weapon you have against police abuse. Here’s what you need to know before heading out to exercise your constitutionally protected right to protest.


A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity: Take control of your digital spaces 

This guide is intended to be a comprehensive and accessible introduction to some of the most valuable cybersecurity tools available. There’s a lot of information here, so it can get a bit overwhelming! Feel free to read each section at your own pace: there’s no obligation to read through the whole guide and install every piece of tech we recommend. Consider checking out our Cheat Sheet section as a quick way to get started with the tools that best meet your digital security needs.


Icarus Logo

The Icarus Project is a support network and education project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. We advance social justice by fostering mutual aid practices that reconnect healing and collective liberation. We transform ourselves through transforming the world around us.


Intergroup Resources

Intergroup Resources is an online resource center that seeks to strengthen intergroup relations for social justice by sharing materials, tools, and lessons learned from organizers around the United States. Here you can find curricula, dialogue guides, and other educational tools.



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Grassroots Toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with the basic structure and strategies needed to plan and carry out an effective grassroots public education or advocacy campaign. It includes what you need to do to establish your goals, create a strategy, make a step-by-step plan, and mobilize the people, partners, and resources to make it all achievable.


This resource allows users to explore recent campaigns to find ideas and inspiration — and even join. You can explore ongoing campaigns to see what you might be interested in.