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Activism 101: LGBTQ+ JUSTICE

The Activist's Toolkit



Bagly logo

As one of the country’s first and longest running youth-led, adult-supported LGBTQ organizations, BAGLY has added shape and definition (and flair!) to the field of youth work. In 1980, BAGLY’s youth and adults worked without a rulebook or roadmap: there were no best practices, no professional training for youth work, no coalitions, and not even one other LGBTQ youth group in the state with whom to collaborate.  As a result, BAGLY’s youth and adult leadership worked together to establish and develop institutional best practices regarding: youth/adult organizational power and collaboration, personal boundaries between youth and adults, and meaningful youth participation and leadership. Today we have come to understand many of these principles as among the core concepts of the Youth Development Approach.


SpeakOUT Boston

SpeakOUT Boston

SpeakOUT is a community of speakers working to create a world free of homo-bi-transphobia and other forms of prejudice by telling the truths of our lives. We engage audiences in honest dialogue, and in keeping with our motto "Ask Us Anything," invite any questions that may challenge harmful stereotypes and misconceptions.


Boston Glass logo

Boston GLASS (Gay & Lesbian Adolescent Social Services) provides a continuum of services to LGBTQQ+ youth of color and their allies in the Greater Boston area. As a leader in LGBTQ+ youth services, we also provide education and consultation to other providers and community organizations.


Hispanic Black Gay Coalition logo

The Hispanic Black Gay Coalition (HBGC) is one of few non-profit organizations in Boston dedicated to the unique and complex needs of the Black, Latinx, and POC (People of Color) LGBTQ community. Founded in 2009, we work to inspire and empower Latinx and Black LGBTQ individuals to improve their livelihood through activism, education, community outreach, and counseling.


The Home For Little Wanderers

Waltham House is the first residential group home designed specifically for LGBTQ youth in New England, and one of only three of its kind in the nation. Its founding principles are that every child deserves to live in an environment in which they feel safe, respected, supported and cared for by those around them. The group home provides a safe and supportive living environment with 24-hour staffing for up to 12 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender youth ages 14–18.


Boston Pride logo

Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility, and dignity, we educate, communicate, and advocate by building and strengthening community connections.

Founded in 2001, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is an advocacy, education, and community-building organization that works to end discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. This includes working towards the empowerment of all persons who have been, are being, or might be deprived of equal rights and/or fair treatment because of their gender expression or identity.