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SW 101: Intro to Social Work and Social Welfare: Social Work Pioneers

What Does This Guide Do?

This guide gathers resources on social welfare pioneers. It will assist you in gathering information for your presentation in SW 101: Intro to Social Work and Social Welfare including things like:

  • Pictures of the pioneer;
  • Life and personal history, including factors that led to their career in social work/social welfare;
  • The person’s contributions to social work and social welfare, including any policies that the pioneer initiated or influenced;
  • The strategies utilized by this person in creating social change;
  • The important social work values that this person exemplified;

Library Search

Search articles, journals, books, media, and more

Getting to Know Your Topic

Are you looking for information about the context or history of your topic?  Try the resources on this page for background and general context as well as biographical information.  

Biographical Reference Sources

Did you cite it? You need to cite it.

You already know about the cite button in databases and Google Scholar right?  And to check the bottom of a page for its citation and/or the reference list, right?

APA has citations for datasets, tables/graphs, webpages and much more.  Remember, you want to provide an accurate citation so that someone else can find the awesome data and sources that you're using.

Meet Your Librarian

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Stacy Collins
Stacy is the Librarian for the Children's Literature and Social Work programs and the Simmons Library Curriculum & Research Coordinator. She can help with your research or library-related questions⁠—weird and silly questions especially welcome!

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Other Social Work Guides

Google Smarter

You'll probably find some great stuff through Google, consider switching your results to "news" to get a feel for current events.

Remember to be skeptical, evaluate everything you find and to cite it!

(Some) Social Welfare Pioneers

Jane Addams
Mary Richmond
Dorothy Height
Sarah Fernandis
Francis Perkins
Jeannette Rankin
Janie Porter Barrett
Gail Abarbanel
Bertha Capen Reynolds
Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry
W. Gertrude Brown
Diana Ming Chan
Edgar William Pye
Gail Abarbanel
Ida Maud Cannon