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Finding Media: More Streaming Options

Use this guide to help locate media in the library and on the web, including DVDs, CDs, streaming video and streaming audio.

Accessing Streaming Videos on Other Platforms

Along with streaming video packages such as Filmakers Library and Kanopy, the library also streams individual videos from a number of different providers. Each of these providers streams content on their own platform, but all of these videos can be accessed through the library catalog.

If you're looking for a specific video, use the dropdown arrow in the search box below to search by title. If you want to see if the library has streaming videos on a particular topic, search for your topic by keyword.

Linking to Streaming Videos in Moodle

Use the permanent link in a streaming video's catalog record if you want to link to it from your course page. You can access the permanent link by copying the URL from the address bar in your browser and add it to Moodle as you would with any other link.

Streaming in the Library Catalog

If you're looking for a streaming video on a particular topic or for a particular title, search for the topic or film by keyword, then use the Narrow Search sidebar on the right of the screen to narrow your results to videos.




Once you've found the video you want in the results list, click the title to open the full record for the video you want.  Once you're in the full record,  click the 'View Streaming Video' link: