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Anti-Oppression: Social Justice Zines

Location in the Library


The Social Justice Zines collection is located on the first floor of the Library, to the right of the Makerspace.  Can't find it?  Ask at the Reference Desk!

The zines in this collection are special because you don't have to check them out or bring them back.  You can return them when you're done with them if you want, or you can keep them.  It is entirely up to you. 

The hope is that you will use this collection to learn more about social justice, activism, and how you can not only participate but stay safe.  If you see a zine that you want but we are out of copies, please let Dawn Stahura know and she will make you a copy.  You can find her in L114 or you can email her at

Dawn also would love suggestions, so if there is something you want that is not represented here, let her know.


Zines are...

Self-published, usually in small batches. Anyone can make one.

Distributed by their makers (either independently or through zine distributors) by hand, at zine fests, and by mail.

Labors of love -- made for self-expression, not for profit.

A medium for expressing ideas & telling stories that aren't represented in the mainstream print (or other) media that handle themes such as gender, identity, community, and resistance.

A continuation of the participatory media created in First Wave Feminisim scrapbooks and health pamplets and Second Wave Feminism mimeographs.

Listen to Kathleen Hannah, from Bikini Kill, read from her zine below:

Social Justice Zines

Stop by the library and pick up copies of these empowering zines from our current Social Justice Zines collection!  These zines are free for the taking and are provided by Beatley Library as educational and informative tools for a wide range of topics, including how to stay safe during a protest, how to support a victim of sexual violence, how to participate in direct action and protest and more:


Collectives, Radical Communities, Consensus, Anarchy

  • Are You an Anarchist?  The Answer May Surprise You
  • Socialism, Anarchism, and Feminism
  • Consensus: A Brief Introductory Guide

Allies, White Privilege, Oppression, Patriarchy

  • Everyone calls themselves an ally until it is time to do some real shit
  • Moral Revolution!  Creating new values, undermining oppression, and connecting across difference
  • So you want to be an ally!  A zine on anti-oppression, allyship, and becoming a less shitty person
  • Toxic blackberry manifesto
  • Dear white people
  • Understanding patriarchy

Activism, Protests, Bystander Intervention

  • ATR Activism
  • How to organize a protest march
  • (A)BC's mini-guide to protesting
  • It ain't just drama mama! A zine about bystander intervention

Your Rights, Police

  • We are all suspects: a guide for people navigating the expanded powers of surveillance in the 21st century
  • Know your rights! What you need to know

‚ÄčHow-To's for Media, How-to's for banners, Promotion

  • Media: A 'how to' guide for activists
  • Banner drops, stencils, wheatpaste & distributing information
  • How to promote events
  • How to disappear online

Sexual Assault, Abusive Behavior, Consent

  • Ask for it! I <3 consent
  • What to do when someone tells you that you violated their boundaries, made them feel uncomfortable, or committed assault
  • Supporting a survivor of sexual assault
  • Sex with a survivor: a guide to being sexually intimate with a survivor of trauma
  • Act now! Sexual harassment, rape, intimate partner violence must be stopped
  • The relationship spectrum guide
  • Speak Out! A zine exploring gendered violence
  • Gender

Mental Health, First Aid

  • An activist's guide to basic first aid
  • Mapping our madness: a workbook for navigating crisis, extreme states, or just foul moods
  • Empower yr sexy self: a workbook
  • Mindful occupation: rising up without burning out
  • Technological addiction
  • A pocket guide: Stress management


  • Sexual health for transgender & nonconforming people


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