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Digital Humanities: Digital Humanities Home

Use this guide to find selected exemplary digital humanities projects by subject, digital tools, and more.

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Digital Humanities 101

Digital humanities is the use of technology to explore traditional humanities disciplines, like art, music, architecture, and literature.

An example of a digital humanities project is taking a book's text and analyzing (via computer) the number of times different words of phrases appear. This can give insight into the author's life, as well as the state of the world at the time the book was written.

This guide will provide links to various digital humanities projects, as well as a foundation for students and faculty wishing to pursue their own. Due to the nature of many digital humanities projects, some are left unfinished and some are not maintained. We'll do our best to keep this guide updated!

Do you know of an outstanding digital humanities project that isn't listed in this guide?  Let us know about it!

What is Digital Humanities?

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Credit for this Guide

This guide has been revamped in large part thanks to the expertise of Professor Jessica Parr, Simmons History Department.